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Every year The Mount Community welcomes a group of live-in international volunteer co-workers. No experience is necessary but a reasonably good ability in the English language is essential. Volunteers should be a minimum of 18 years old. The minimum commitment is for one year. We provide accredited training called The Mount Introduction Course with Care Certificate, accredited to Level 2.
Three volunteers in costume for The Shepherd's Play
Volunteers in costume for the Shepherd's Play

Volunteer vacancies

Our volunteers are responsible for helping and supporting students in the College or members of the Cohousing community. As they are usually the same age or just a little older than the students or supported Cohousing members, they can offer valuable peer support and friendship. Students, cohousers and volunteers living and working together create a spirit of responsibility and co-operation which nurtures self-awareness, mutual understanding and social creativity in a safe community environment. 

Applications for 2024 are now closed.  We will begin recruiting for August 2025 with effect from November 2024 and you will be able to access the application forms again at that time.  It is advised to get your application in by the end of December.

Please do not attempt to apply until the official application form is available here on the website in November 2024.

What young co-workers said after one year at The Mount:

"Thank you so much for the wonderful year I was able to spend at the Mount! It really is such a special place with generous and passionate people, and I will always hold the memories of this year dear to my heart. I was able to learn so much and am very thankful for the support and kindness I received. Again, thank you!"

"Living in this environment stimulates your own growth and self-development"

"Taking responsibility is challenging".

"It was the most interesting, intensive, valuable and exhausting year I ever had!"

"Being at the Mount as a coworker has been a gift. I've met friends for life, it unlocked a whole new view onto myself and the world around me."   

"To this day, I always think back to my time at the Mount, whether I'm struggling or doing well in life, because I learned so much from it."  

"A unique experience, where the handing over of love towards one another is fundamental; one learns to be family and community, so much so that they remain in my heart ever since." 

To find out more, click here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)