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Relaxation, Recreation and Celebration

As part of the rhythm of daily life students, cohousers and co-workers jointly develop an environment that is fun and relaxed. It is not unusual to find young people sitting chatting or reading before a meal if they are not involved in its preparation. The households facilitate peace and reflection as well as activity. This serves to shape a healthy and well-structured balance and provides a harmonious quality to the day as a whole

A yearly rhythm is built up through the celebration of Christian and other festivals and provides opportunities to experience and participate in a series of linked cultural activities ranging from plays and music to festival meals. People say a grace before meals and classes may start with meditative reflection. However, the weekly Sunday Service at The Mount is non-denominational.

Evening activities include: groups for crafts, bell-ringing, folk dancing, music and singing,  storytelling, basketball, Yoga, film nights, sometimes play rehearsals, along with active participation in regular house meetings.

Throughout their stay at The Mount students are well-prepared to engage in the community outside College life. At the weekend this involves sport and social activities such as visits to swimming pools, cinema, concerts, bowling, theatre performances, local walks, shopping trips and meals out. There are visits to Wadhurst and Tunbridge Wells and excursions to such places as the Ashdown Forest, Bewl Water, Hastings, Seven Sisters, and various beaches and National Trust properties.

As students progress, external connections expand and all students are engaged in work experience opportunities.

Regular meetings of the Student Council discuss a range of issues including, for example, questions around the anti-bullying policy, fundraising for a new minibus, planning a meeting with management group members and what they want to talk about, future transition prospects, issues of independence and mutual support and how to support each other with timekeeping.

Students themselves express many examples of overwhelmingly positive feeling for The Mount, explaining how it gives them greater independence, enables them to learn skills and create friendships. Deep and meaningful relationships form between the students and supported cohousers across the community, and these are profoundly important to the learning process and for personal development.