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Our Purpose

Our Purpose, Values, Vision and Method

Core Purpose

Our Core Purpose is to offer people with and without a learning disability the opportunity to choose and experience community building, meaningful living, learning and working within a mutually supportive environment, informed by anthroposophical insights.

Our Values

We are inspired by anthroposophy with an emphasis on craft, art, movement, therapies and caring for the land. We recognise and respect the spiritual integrity of the individual human being. We practice community building as a means of striving to achieve spiritual, economic and cultural well-being.

Our Vision 

To nurture a community which: 

  • upholds human integrity and spiritual
    A group of students and coworkers sitting at a table getting ready for lunch
    Ready for lunch in St John's House
  • Where each individual, with or without a learning disability, can give and learn through creating mutual relationships.
  • Where each cares for the land and the environment; where a therapeutic and healing impulse is alive. 
  • Where relationships with the wider community are fostered. 
Our Method 

Through a heart, head and hands approach to living, learning and working we:

  • Integrate statutory requirements with The Mount's core purpose and values.
  • Celebrate festivals, share tasks and responsibilities to create a warm, hospitable and beautiful environment.
  • Support students, Cohousing members and all within the community to achieve individual aspirations by working with anthroposophical approaches to teaching, learning, living and training.
  • Offer meaningful work through social enterprise activities and community roles, giving an experience of self-worth and responsibility.
  • Strive for a collaborative organisation through working in responsibility groups.
  • Engage international volunteers to support our work. Our methods offer all within the community the opportunity to establish an individual identity whilst building a supportive community.