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The Arts

Art is available to all college students. At The Mount we feel an art curriculum helps students to develop their inner self. Giving them opportunity to experience the beautiful world that surrounds us and create beautiful pieces of work in an inclusive environment.
The Art curriculum gives students opportunity to develop self-expression through different materials in a non-judgmental environment. It gives students opportunity to have an immersive experience in colour, culture and form. 

The art course gives students opportunity to explore and create using a range of processes and techniques for example print making, drawing, painting, marbling, installation in situ, and mosaic design. Students are introduced to different artists and cultures as the course progresses. Much work is carried out with a focus in nature, students build an awareness of their environment and the rhythm of the seasons. 

Sessions involves some group and individual activities this helps students develop confidence in working together, reflecting on each other’s work and discussing artists and cultures. The exploration of different techniques and materials allows students to have a sensory experience and develop motor skills.