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Moving on with our Trainee Programme

The Trainee Programme has a clear focus towards future independent living and work opportunities. Trainees attend an increased number of work experience placements particularly external ones. There are opportunities to join activities such as The Mount Pop-Up Café, community coffee mornings and community gardening initiatives to gain an enhanced experience of work as well as building skills towards working as a team.

Trainees are able to choose to continue in a specific workshop or build new skills particularly in relation to work related activities around food and gardening. Workshops have a focus on social enterprise and work related activities for example making bread and cakes to sell in a local shop as well as craft items for sale at craft fairs. Trainees engaged in the garden, focus on work based tasks in community environments both within and external to The Mount. Trainees also support other fundraising initiatives for example Macmillan coffee morning, Comic Relief cake sale.

Trainees are also able to continue with movement education, work skills, life skills, functional skills and work experience. Trainees attending the Trainee Programme also have opportunities to visit supported living environments as well as external further education colleges and day centre activities to give experience of future options. Visits, emails and talks are arranged with former students and trainees from The Mount to give trainees a real insight to future possible placements. The overall programme gives trainees the opportunity to become more independent and to be role models for the peer groups below. This gives trainees increased levels of confidence and helps to bridge the gap from college to a future independent life. 

It is often in this final stage of education that trainees are able to identify realistic future goals and successfully find a future placement and work environment. Our trainee group also have a cultural retreat towards the end of their time at The Mount which has an educational aspect. For example, after studying the biography of Anne Frank, recent trainees went to Amsterdam to visit the Anne Frank Museum. These educational visits are funded through fundraising initiatives organised and carried out by the trainees.